Rainham's Team Strike Again

    Once again the Rainham team from Capenhurst are blazing a trail to support a worthwhile cause, and this time it is one which is even more precious to us. Paul Duggan, Darren Scott, Nick Wilkes Wells, Liam Duggan, Ryan Gower and Matt Rimmer will be joined by six Merseyside firemen to tackle the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge helping to raise a total of £200,000.

    Rainham employee Matt is just 42. A year ago he was running marathons. This year he faces his greatest challenge. Matt has been diagnosed with advanced Oesophageal cancer. It has spread to his lymph nodes and liver. Matt’s only current viable long term option is treatment in America where he can access the latest clinical advances. His friends, family and colleagues are desperate to give Matt an option and offer him a long term solution that is just not available to us in the UK.

    All they are asking for is a chance, he wants to win this battle and we have to find a way to fund the treatment. Matt is so positively upbeat and determined to beat the odds, and as his family and friends, we are undertaking every possible option to fund his treatment. Ultimately we know we will need the kindness and generosity of strangers to help reach the target.

    Friends have set up a crowd funding page in order to raise as much as they can as quickly as they can. Please share this on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc and help us all to get Matt the best treatment possible. We need people to read Matt’s story and help him in his battle. Millions of hands will make light work and give Matt the boost to carry on with his big life challenge. Please visit help4matt and give whatever you can.

    Thank you for reading.