Supporting our core services and providing a complete bundled multi discipline service offering is a key requirement for many of our clients.

    Steel if exposed to moisture and oxygen will rust. Reputable and experienced contractors, quality paint products, a solid design with good specification, accurate inspections, and a thorough maintenance plan are all critical factors to a quality corrosion protection system.

    Rainham are able to help maintain the integrity of plant including process pipework, tanks and structural steel through a combination of each of the above factors. Our painting and coatings service includes surveys, hand preparation, HP jetting, wet and dry abrasive blasting, single and multi-coat systems, hand application, conventional and airless spray application, intumescent fire protection and decorative finishes.

    Rainham’s industrial cleaning services include: spillage containment and removal; bulk dust removal and disposal; high and ultra-high pressure water jetting; pre-inspection boiler cleaning; tank and vessel cleaning; deep cleans using mobile vacuum plant; general site cleaning.

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